Sober driver in Moscow!

Within the MKAD 1 hour 1500 rub. next time 10 rub. per. 1 min
outside the MKAD 25 rub. per 1 km. To Moscow 50 rub. per. 1 km.

Service sober driver in Moscow - around the clock and cheap!

sober driver for ladies

Sober driver in Moscow around the clock!

Our company employs professional drivers who know not only all the streets and alleys, but also have extensive experience in driving cars of different brands, from the Oka to Bentley. You can be sure that you will get home without incident and inexpensive, and the car will remain unharmed.

The essence of the service is a sober driver - our professional driver with experience driving a car of domestic and imported production, will take you to any area of Moscow and the region, as a passenger, on your own car. As a result - you are comfortably brought to the right place. You do not risk your life, driver's license, save money and time. We guarantee a courteous, friendly, decent and of course a professional driver of a resident of Moscow!


Tariffs and prices


the first hour is 1500 rubles

Tariffication in excess of the minimum order is 10 rubles per minute.

A trip outside the Moscow Ring Road is 25 rubles / km + trip time

Delivery outside the MKAD 50 rubles / km + trip time

"Weekend's driver"

the first 6 hours - 4000 rubles

then +500 rubles per hour

You pay only for the cost of the trip.

DO NOT NEED: Pay the driver a return trip. To pay a fine for compulsory motor third party liability insurance. (In the event that documents are checked by the inspector of the DPS, the fine is paid at the expense of our company).





You do not pay the driver's return journey costs. The driver himself calls a taxi and pays the way back, from you will take only the agreed amount in advance, according to the tariff. You do not pay a penalty for the lack of extended insurance. If the car is stopped by the traffic police, we will pay a penalty for the lack of driver information in the MTPL policy. Payment for additional stops along the route - at a standard rate. The cost of the «Sober Driver» service will not change if there is a need to include stops at several addresses within the MKAD.

Sober driver

The service is indispensable in situations where the car owner for some reason can not be behind the wheel himself. The most common case is when the client drank alcohol and, as a law-abiding citizen, refuses to manage the transport medium.

For lovely ladies

A service for female motorists who wish to avoid any force majeure on the road and shift responsibility for the trip to a professional. Change to the passenger seat of your car and nothing else do not worry!

The driver for the weekend

This is your opportunity not to part with your car on holidays and weekends and at the same time it's nice to spend time. Instead of you at the wheel will be our driver.

We do not have any hidden surcharges and inflated prices. No fines for traffic police at your expense. We take the fines for the absence of our employees in your OSAGO. If the traffic rules are violated, the penalty is paid by the offender from his own pocket. No return to the chauffeur. You can choose any fare you like.

drive by any CARS

our services are the product of time


small cars


business or big class cars



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